First (with a Mommy) Haircut

 May 28, 2012

When you adopt an "older" child it's often little things that catch you off guard and remind you that you missed precious parts of your child's life.


A simple question...."is this her first haircut?" causes a sharp pain in my chest as I am forced to acknowledge that of course this is not her first haircut.

And yet it is a first...for US.

And because it is OUR FIRST I want to celebrate it with every bit of ceremony I would have if it was her first too.

"Yes, it's her first cut!", I say to the slightly confused stylist... and we want the whole "first cut treatment"!

I don't have that first lock of hair but I have THIS one.

before shot...she was very excited to sit in the chair

all washed out and ready for a this point she's not quite sure what's going on

she seemed pretty pleased with herself when it was all done

she asked for her nails to be painted...

and inspected the stylists work closely

I was so impressed at her ability to stay still

and here is the official first cut certificate and complete with lock of hair

A proud little dumpling showing off her new do
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