Arrived Beijing!

 March 16, 2012

Our first flight was delayed and we almost missed out flight to Beijing but I was as calm and cool as can be UNTIL we got to our gate and I saw they were already boarding,

Turns out I never changed my watch an hour ahead last week. I thought we had another hour to got-plenty of time! Mercifully Dart never corrected me (an attempt not to stress me out (more)). Smart man. He was worried though.

 And of course we made it.

14 hours and 1 minute later we landed in the yellow haze of Beijing.   Immediately you tasted the sharp grit of the city's pollution at the back of your throat. It's one of those places you can taste.

One cool travel tip we found was limo service through the CIP Car pick up service was in Nolan's word "Pimp",  We were met at the gate, escorted through immigration and then brought through a VIP (CIP) area I'd never seen before, Clearly is how the "somebodies" arrive in Beijing...we are

After a 45 minute ride to the Peninsula hotel we have showered, eaten, toured and (some of us have had much needed massages and facials)

The Bigs are passed out in the other room...Nolan and Dart are snoring on either side of me. Fortunately the Ambien I took a little ago is kicking is.

Mia tomorrow, Going to sleep on my concrete slab bed now...need to be awake enough to take in every detail of the day.

Still cant believe it's finally happening.

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