Happy 22nd Anniversary

 December 30, 2011

22 years.

I’ve been married

To the same person

For 22 years.

Which is a lot of years

Considering I’m barely out of my 30’s (ahem)

Apparently the contemporary gift suggestion (in case you wanted to send us something) for the 22nd wedding anniversary is copper. Here's what I read about it...
"Copper is a lovely symbol for the celebration of the 22nd anniversary. It simply does not deteriorate over time. In fact, it withstands the test of time and actually has the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal in the world! Like the couple sharing a lifetime, this strong and hardy metal holds up against elements and only richens in patina and endurance. What a great metal, therefore, for an anniversary gift! "
Copper? For what, a spittoon?

Personally I think the better gift after 22 years of wedded bliss would be towels and sheets because I need both of those. I need a new waffle maker and an iron and teaspoons too.  Actually I could use a restock of all those wonderfully useful things you get at your bridal shower (except the lingerie-unless it has fleece and footies).
I propose we start a new tradition where couples who last this long (I mean what are there like 12 of us??) get to have another "shower" so they can resupply their thread bare linens and bring their appliances up to code. 

This time though you can skip the fancy china and silver service for twelve and just give me Tupperware....I dream of Tupperware with matching lids.
Why yes it was the 80's :)

PS to my darling husband who wont see this for days if ever since he doesn't read my blog :)

Happy Anniversary my love and thank you for taking me on this incredible ride with you. ..even the bumps have been an adventure. Let's celebrate and buy new sheets!
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