Crap, crap, crapity CRAP

 December 13, 2011

Charlie dude, I feel your pain.
My I800 was REJECTED.

I missed a signature.  I could just scream.

But I would have to do it standing in front of a mirror because I totally screwed this one up.


I must have looked at that stupid form 50 times before I sent it.  How did I miss this?

So now we need to resubmit with the correction. Hopefully it goes right to the top of the pile and it's approved in a day or so and hopefully it doesn't add much more time to this wait.

Hope, hope, hope....wait,wait,wait...scream, cry, ache.  This is adoption for the adopting parent.

It's getting to me; the delays, the bureaucracy, my stupidity, the missing Christmas and every other minute with her.  It's like being stuck in the ninth month of pregnancy for another 3 months. I want off this ride.

Please, please, please let this be the last delay.

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