Russian Born Child Needs a Second Chance

 November 7, 2011

 GREAT NEWS....Micheal's mom after regaining strength and support has chosen to continue parenting him.  Many prayers for healing and happiness to this family.

I want to introduce a little boy with a million dollar smile.  This is Micheal and he needs a very special family.

Micheal who is 10 years old was born in Russia, brought to an orphanage at age two by his birth mother and adopted at age 3 years 9 months by an American family.

Unfortunately Michael's adoptive father recently and unexpectedly died. 

Michael's adoptive father was his primary caregiver and his adoptive mother feels she is no longer able to parent him: she is seeking a second placement for her son.  This is a heart wrenching decision for a still grieving mother trying to do her best for her child.

Michael is an active and charming boy who likes riding his bike and playing soccer.  He also enjoys music and attending musical theater and the ballet.  Micheal likes to read and is described as bright and having a good heart.  Michael says he would like to have his own big dog!

He is currently living  at the Ranch for Kids in Montana.

Michael suffers from various orphanage related issues including ADHD, ODD, and problems with attachment. He is in need of a family with knowledge and experience parenting a child with emotional/behavior issues who also have both the resources and willingness to meet his needs.  A two parent family with one stay at home parent and older siblings would be ideal.

An "open" adoption based on Michael's best interests and needs is preferred.

I know this is a lot to consider but my heart breaks for this little boy.  He has lost so much in his short life and he needs and deserves a chance to heal.  There is a child here with unlimited potential who needs a patient, loving, resourceful family to help him reach it.

If you think you might be the right family for Michael please contact Cyndi Peck at Second Chance or call 1-406-681-3127

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