The Curse is Broken

 November 5, 2011

In the past 2 years my baby Boy has been in 6 Championship series and finished SECOND in everyone of them....until today!

His football team won the Varsity Division Championship!

They were total underdogs going into the game playing against kids that were huge,  we grow em big her in Ohio football country but even for us they were big. Check out #77 blue going against my kid in the red...and my kid is the biggest on his team! Oh in case you wondered these kids are only 11-12 years old!!!

Baby Boy was in tears through most of the award ceremony and just to show you the sweetness in him, when it was all over he gave me the big ole, "thanks mom" hug and then asked to call his Grampa (who used to coach him) to tell him about the game.

here are some pictures (My kiddo is number 95).

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