Life's a Beach

 August 8, 2011

I just had to share some of the images from a recent beachfront photo shoot.

Of course I am biased but wow!


I look at these and I'm overwhelmed with a sense of appreciation.

How and why I have been so blessed I do not know but, I am grateful.  Eternally grateful.

And I'm awestruck by their perfectly matched-for-each-other sisterhood.

And I marvel at their joyful spirit when in the middle of the photo shoot a butterfly flutters by.

And I sigh, a mother's sigh of satisfaction, seeing their personalities so perfectly captured: The Ladybug so bright and eager and The Bee, vulnerable and shy.

And then,  I see their truest smiles and my heart melts all over again...for the precious daughters I get to call  My Own.

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