Color your world!

 August 9, 2011

It's time to start buying all those school supplies and I bet for most of us preschool/early elementary mom's crayons are on the list.

When I went to school (back in the olden days according to my children) we didn't have many choices.  Crayons was crayons.

But now there are lots of choices...big coloring decisions to make!  There are gritter crayons, scented crayons, washable crayons (my personal favorites), neon brite crayons, twistable crayons and....

the newest box of crayons going into our craft box...

Let's face it no human skin color is standard Crayola black, brown, white or yellow, (thank goodness). Color your world; Chinese, Russian, Kazakh, Guatemalan, Ethiopian or in my case the oh so exotic and impossibly hued Swedish/Portuguese mix!

BTW if anyone from Crayola is reading this (be quiet it could happen) please feel free to send me a few boxes of these crayons or anything else on our three page supply list. 

Speaking of colors you see that brown and yellow banner down there?
It really needs to be clicked daily.

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