July 27, 2011

Well it is official Mia is moving to Beijing, well actually Tainjin one hour outside of Beijing. Her orphanage director has agreed to allow her to move to Shepherd's Field an American run foster home styled care facility for disabled orphans.

As you may recall Shepherd's Field was the last orphanage I visited in China during my Visiting Orphans trip in June. I was so taken by the warmth, dedication and available resources at Shepherd's Field I immediately began thinking about how to move Mia there. I am thrilled that Mia will now have access to treatments and therapy for her CP that have been absent her entire life.

I'm still in awe that we have been able to pull this off. The odds of this happening were beyond low. In the world of China adoptions waiting parents are usually happy to get a new update photo or shoe size but moved to an American run treatment facility, unheard of.

Mia will fly to Beijing along with three officials from her Guangdong orphanage one week from tomorrow.

I hope to get an email on her travel and transition soon after she arrives. Please pray that she is not too upset by the change.

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