June 23, 2011

Ok I need some help...a boost, a bump a big ole CLICK

Today my blog dropped to the number 3 position on Top Mommy Blogs.

I will be honest the woman with the top blog right now is incredible and writing about the death of her 6 month old son.   It's important and heartfelt stuff.  And I'm glad people are responding to her.  They should.

But I too need to do some important work.  Just back from china I have so many pictures of kids who need families I need to post AND I NEED TO FIND FAMILIES and a high ranking in TMB helps me to reach more potential families.

So please click the brown bar below.  As soon as you get to the top mommy site it counts as a vote. You can vote once every day so if you can give it a click anytime you are here (or think about doing it...I mean add me to your outlook calendar if you want!)

I know it's sort of a pain in the butt.

But I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important...especially now.
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