Care Package #2 for The Butterfly

 June 29, 2011

While in China I was able to pick up a few things for The Butterfly.  Of course I have no idea what her sizes are but I figured it was worth a shot and if not her than some child there could use a new dress or pair of shoes.  BUT I really hope the shoes fit.  I would love her to have a sturdy pair of shoes.  I think that would be so good for her.

I sent my goodies to Ann at Red Thread by Chinese post and it cost me a whole 20 yuan or about $3 bucks to get it to her the next day. Ann forwarded The Butterfly's package today.

It is extra special knowing she will have something from me that I have touched.  (Ok, KISSED, as I placed each item into a box for her.) Hoping to get photos of my baby butterfly opening her gifts but that's always hit or miss.

 Pray for hit.

The most important part of the package was a letter written to the orphanage director.  I was polite and appreciative AND BOLD.

I asked if he would allow me to send in a private speech therapist for The Butterfly.


There is nothing I worry about more than we are missing a critical window of opportunity to teach The Butterfly to talk.


Good News On the Paperwork Front!

Our home study update was approved and Dart drove to pick it up this morning!  Our I800a will be filed by overnight mail today!!!!

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