Butterfly Blessings

 June 21, 2011

One of the most inspiring orphanages we were able to visit while in China was Butterfly House in Changsa.  It is China's only known palliative care center for orphans.  Actually calling it an orphanage makes it sound much bigger than it really is because in fact it is a tiny operation taking space in a half dozen small rooms within the Changsa SWI.

Started just two short years ago by Lyn and Alan Gould a British couple from Australia, Butterfly House now cares for 12 children with chronic and/or life threatening conditions.  (Sadly two of the children there today are in fact terminally ill.) Since its start in 2010 Butterfly House has been home to 35 children.

Most children come to Butterfly House after being deemed terminal or otherwise being "given up on" by the orphanage authorities.

Butterfly House operates on a shoe string budget but everyone there has a huge heart and their love and persistence is paying off.  Right now two of the children at Butterfly House, two that were deemed too sick to provide for, have been nursed to health and are being adopted!  An incredible testimony to the power of prayer, the resilience of these children and ability for people like Lyn and Alan (and just like each of us) to make a real difference for a child in need.

Our Visiting Orphans Team with the support of MedWish International in Cleveland Ohio and many of my friends here in blogworld and on facebook, were able to deliver hundreds of pounds of medical equipment and infant care supplies to Butterfly House.  The donations were very much appreciated and desperately needed.  There were heartfelt tears of joy as we rolled our many cases of goods into the building!

Of course the need is great and much more remains to be done. Right now Butterfly House is searching for a Nurse to join their team! If you are a nurse and have ever thought about living abroad for 6 months or more this is your chance to do something AMAZING!!!!

I have witnessed first hand the work done by Butterfly House and can personally attest to its value and worth.  If you would like to learn more about Butterfly House or if you would like to sponsor a child there please visit Butterfly Children's Hospices for more information.

Here are just some of the beautiful butterfly babies I met during my short visit.

Won't you please say a prayer for them?

William (defective windpipe, adoption status unknown)
Eve, (Adopted)
Paul (post surgical/omphalocele, available for adoption!)
Sarah, (delayed development, available for adoption!)
Little Swallow, (spina bifida, available for adoption!)
Angel, (Adopted)
Ysmael, (terminal liver failure, not able to be adopted)
Hannah, (thalessimia-available for adoption!)
Isobel, (terminal liver failure, not able to be adopted)
Lyn Gould, my new hero.

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