Waiting too long...

 May 16, 2011

Still waiting for her family.
It’s four am and I’ve been up since two.  Jet lag has the best of me.

That and I can’t stop thinking about the tragic loss of a beautiful baby girl this week: already matched with her forever family, she died in a Chinese orphanage before they could bring her home.

My heart breaks for this family.

And aches for my own waiting child.

No I’m not getting impatient (yet).  It’s just sobering and scary to be reminded so painfully that these children are at risk everyday they wait.

The grim realities of orphanage life in a developing nation means kids can and do die waiting for; medical procedures, good food, clean water, medications...a family.

The unavoidable truth is many of these kids would be alive if not for the misfortune of being born in a place that has too many people and too little resources.

And yet millions of kids are waiting right now.

147 million.

And maybe that's the problem.  Too many kids in need to see them as real...human...our own.  Or perhaps the problem is too big to see how any one person can make a difference.  147 million?  Best to keep an impersonal distance from such things.

Except one baby just died...waiting.


Mariana is still waiting.

No wonder I can’t sleep.

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