Waiting Child: Mariana

 April 28, 2011

Great news sweet little Gisela has a family! 

It appears that all of the children listed on my blog have found their families.  I'm not going to break my perfect record now!!!

There are other waiting child blogs that list lots and lots of kids.  Frankly I just wouldn't be able to maitain a site like that.  So I chose to focus on just one or two kids at a time.  Hoping that in this way they would not get lost in the (sadly) long list of kids waiting for families.

I don't have any criteria for selecting kids other that when I look at them I see something that reaches out and grabs me.  These are all children who I think you will agree, have something special; a spark, a personality that goes beyond a photo. 

je ne sais quoi 

This little girl absolutely jumped off the page for me. 

Looking to go 6-0 and find a family for our basketball star...

Here's a little of what is written about her...

Mariana was born December, 1998. She is an outgoing, lovely, and active girl. She gets along well with others, and adapts to new environment very soon. She will be shy when she meets strangers, but soon becomes active. She is good at dancing and singing, and loves all kinds of activities.

Mariana has a repaired cleft lip and palate and Hep B. Her birth date is 12/10/1998.

At 12 Mariana is dangerously close to aging out.  When she turns 14 she will no longer be eligible for adoption.  The thought of this vivacious girl never having a family to call her own is heartbreaking.

There must be an active fun loving family who needs another player on their family basketball team!

Mariana is on the shared/special focus list and you can adopt her through any China agency doing special needs adoptions. If you need a recommendation just email me.

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