Salute to Dads

 May 18, 2011

How fun is this?

While I was in India I got an email with the subject line...

"Hello from "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on HLN"

at first I figured it was some sort of advertisement but when I read a bit further I was shocked to see this;

"Hi Lori,

I'm the web producer for "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on HLN (formerly CNN Headline News), CNN's sister network.

I know you are in India right now (hopefully you will hold on to this email until you get home), but not knowing your return schedule, I figured I'd go ahead and reach out anyway."

Apparently this wasn't spam.

 It turned out to be an invitation for me to participate in an upcoming special feature on Headline News called a "Salute to Fathers".  Like I said, how fun is that?

Completely flattered I have agreed to participate. So the kids and I are going to go full on Scorsese this weekend to make our video tribute to Dart.  (Kiefer already has asked what our production budget is? Ummm zero, you dork.)


Of course it won't be a secret for Dart since I shared the email with him as soon as I got it but we'll keep the content of our video under wraps until Father's Day.  


Frankly he's just excited to be "connected" to Robin Meade in any way.   He's got sort of a thing for her.  Apparently she's top on his list of women he gets a free pass to leave me for. Weird right?  But not as weird as the fact that top of my list of guys is Matt Lauer. 

Jeeze we are strange...and oddly attracted to morning news.

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