Good Gift...Great Card

 May 24, 2011

My husband isn't very good at gift selection.

Gift giving... let's just say is not his love language.

Over the years I've been the recipient of;

a tackle box (in lieu of a Caboodle make up case...cause hey this one came with a free lure!),

an Epilady (a hair removal device now used in terrorist interrogations),

a universal voice activated remote control (ummm that's why I have a husband),

multiple fuzzy (by which I mean hideously ugly) bathrobes balanced by hustler magazine quality lingerie that required instructions starting with a "this end up label" (not to mention a tummy tuck and a spray tan),

a do it yourself pedicure foot bath (duh DIY?, what's the point of that?).

One year at Christmas he filled my stocking with oranges. Oranges?

But he's getting better.

And it's always a good start when the gift is in a blue box

Even if it doesn't actually arrive until the day after your birthday. (cough, cough)

And it turned out this year he did a great job!

I've been admiring the Tiffany key necklace's for a while so I was very happy when I opened the box.

Way better than an epilady.



the card was the best part of the gift by far!!

Honestly it was so good... I sort of didn't believe he wrote it.

But he did.

And I'm starting to think he might have found his love language after all, (and he might have a second career with Hallmark!)

"May the goodness of your heart never be locked away from the world"

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