Just ANOTHER Manic Monday

 April 11, 2011

Today was one of those days where I thought to myself I’ve got to slow down. 

I believe I may have a self induced, chaos acquired, stress disorder.

Basically I am driving myself crazy.

I keep saying I’m going to slow down, simplify.


Today I....

got the girls ready for school

missed breakfast but got a Dunkin Donuts coffee (priorities)

met with a new physician then went into the office (where I was interrupted approximately evert 20 minutes, worked on at least four projects, missed lunch and peed once in 9 hours)

brought the girls to gymnastics (eating MY "dinner" in the car).

completed Visa’s applications for India.

coordinated more China donations.

started a staging area in my dining room for donations.

planned a fundraiser for the China mission trip.

completed an application for medical kits to bring to China.

took a two hour conference call with the Kazapalooza planning group.

laid out my stuff for my 4:30 am wake up call to drive to a sales presentation in Pennsylvania.


wrote this blog post.

Not that it was a particularly busy day, which is sort of the problem.

Chronic over-scheduled madness = everyday.

I don’t really have a point

Just that “write blog post” was on the to do list

And I guess I’m hoping you’ll forgive me if this is

the end.

click, click, click

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