My Twenty Year Old Baby Boy

 January 7, 2011

twenty things I love about you....
  1. You are smart. More than that you think.... in quirky, creative and wonderful ways.
  2. You make me make the whole family laugh. 
  3. You care about people, especially the underdog.  Your preschool teacher called you her "nurturer". 
  4. You write poetry. It's actually good.
  5. You believe in truth and justice and honor.
  6. You are willing to say you are sorry and to forgive too.
  7. You opened your heart to two sisters without reservation.
  8. You value'll be a good husband and father one day.
  9. You can be joyful and you can be doesn't matter what I love is you are willing to feel it all.
  10. You are cute...Ok let's face it you're gorgeous.
  11. You secretly love your brothers.
  12. You have an artistic eye.
  13. You love history and politics and good grammar and philosophy and physics and you can discuss them all with've done that since you were ten.
  14. You read the classics.
  15. You are athletic and graceful.  I loved every minute I watched you skate.
  16. You think you will be a good say it out loud and with pride.
  17. You want to adopt children.
  18. You  have a great voice...I love to hear you sing. 
  19. You ASKED to go on a mission trip to work in an orphanage in Kazakhstan.  
  20. YOU MADE ME A MOTHER.  Perhaps one day you will understand,  the moment you were born I was forever changed. My life became about you.  It was the single most defining moment of my life.
 Happy Birthday Kiefer.  I honestly can't believe you are 20. It went by in the blink of an eye...

I love you more, 


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