Good News, Bad News...

 January 17, 2011

but really it's all good news.

We received a file for a beautiful little girl in China last week. Yeah we don't waste any time.  She was almost 6 and had cerebral palsy. She had been waiting on the shared list for many months by the time we got the file.  We asked for some more information about her medical condition and today we heard back.  What a shock, she has been adopted domestically by a family in China!  Honestly it's hard to feel bad about that.  As much as I am a supporter of international/interracial adoption I do feel that a domestic adoption that allows a child to grow up with her own culture and language is best.
By the way, does that say something about the changes going on in China...a 6 year old, GIRL with cererbral palsy adopted by a Chinese family, wow.

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