January 1, 2011

My 2011 New Year Resolutions
<insert cricket chirp>
Fit into size 4 jeans again
Limit time on Facebook, blackberry, Blogger
World peace
<more crickets chirping>
Well after 20 minutes that’s how far I got. Nothing, nada, zero.  I guess I could say I will lose weight, that’s a popular one.  But how would that be different from just about every Monday morning when I step on the scale?  I thought about a vow to run a half marathon (which really I’m going to do) but I think that was last year’s resolution so no good for 2011. Bad enough to break your resolution but the same on two years in a row, well that’s just pathetic (but really I’m going to run it this year).  Maybe I need to think beyond myself, past my waistline and limited lung capacity…nahw that’s crazy talk.  That’s what New Year Resolutions are, a chance to take stock in yourself and set goals for how you want to live the next year. 
Ok so let’s try this again; here is how I want to live in 2011…
1.       I want to sleep more (how’s that for ambitious?).  I know it looks like nirvana over here but I’ve got a secret, I’m EXHAUSTED.  Now to get the sleep I crave I first need to get the girls (you know who you are) OUT OF MY BED!!!!!  No more sneaking in at 2am and laying perpendicular between me and daddy: kicking and squirming until the floor seems more appealing to me.  I spent a small fortune decorating a perfect little bedroom for you, complete with your own beds to sleep in.  STAY THERE!

2.       I’m going on a family vacation this year….without the family.  I miss my girlfriend getaways.  I need them back.  Yes I know I’m 44 and acting like a drunken co-ed on Spring break isn’t exactly becoming but guess what IT”S FUN.  I hereby request a little more fun in 2011.  Where my girls at?  Are you ready to party??  Let’s get going! (of course you remember that I prefer the Four Seasons  and I can’t really drink more than two glass of wine and I need to be in bed by 11 right?) OK, PAAAAAR—TY!!!!

3.       Screw work and family balance (that’s so 90’s anyway), I need MORE.  No not the ever elusive “me” time, I need more than even that. I need a passion.  I need to find one or one needs to find me! Now accepting applications for the position of Lori’s passion.  Maybe it will be charity work, that would be noble or it might be stamp collecting (ok probably not stamp collecting), the point is I need something of my own that feeds my soul and allows me to express the creative energy and talents I have (well I think I have them).  This will be the hard one since I tend to be a little ADD, jumping from one shiny idea to the next. A true passion, I'm guessing,  should hold my attention for more than a week.   I see myself as an artist with no particular talent mind you but an artist none the less. There must be something, someway to express myself (beyond coordinating outfits for Nina and Macy). Let’s call this my stretch goal for 2011. 
So there you have it my ideal 2011…sleep, party, and discover my passion: probably not much different than my teenagers ideal 2011. Not saying much I suppose about my own personal growth over the past two decades but hey it’s honest.

Happy New Year everyone… here’s wishing you your own version of an ideal life in 2011.

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