Where My Kids At!.....No Really Where My Kids AT?

 January 3, 2011

I heard a comedian once joke that the minivan was a way to say to the rest of the world, (I'll clean this up)..."I never plan to get lucky again".

I love my mini van.  There I said it. And I mean it, my mini van rocks!

Now I know a lot of you wouldn't be caught dead in one and truthfully I too was once a MV hater but with five kids I've got to say nothing beats it for convenience, comfort and all around practicality. 

Of course I've been through my "I'm too cool to minivan" phase to be sure.  In the past 10 years I've driven a BMW 3 series convertible (with a spoiler thank you very much) and a BMW SUV (my nod to my complaining kids who were being blown away in the back of the convertible) and then back to a BMW M Roadster (vroom, vroom drive THAT to the PTA meeting).  

But when we started down the adoption path and faced the reality of transporting a family of seven with two kids still in car seats, I finally had to succumb to the "dreaded" minivan.  

(BTW I considered doing what a lot of my similarly situated friends did to avoid the ridicule of the MV: I almost bought an SUV.  But who are we kidding? You and I both know those are just people who need a MV but are "too cool" (read as too insecure) to buy one. Yeah, yeah, driving in the snow...whatever... be honest, the only off roading you do is when you drive over the curb trying to park at the mall. Guess some of us just have a little more self esteem. I digress.)

So just when I had completely resigned myself to the leagues of minivan driving supermoms and accepted my fate of being a chronically unhip soccer mom, Toyota goes and makes MV's ( and me) cool again.  (OK if you are sneering at my Sienna being cool you and your turbo engine can leave.)  

Yes my minivan is no longer a shameless concession to a life filled with cheerios and diaper bags.  It is (drum roll please) my SWAGGER WAGON, complete with it's own rap. Dig it.

I am PROUD to drive my Swagger Wagon to the kid's schools, to the hockey games and ballet lessons, to the grocery store and to work AND to the hottest night clubs in town (once I figure out where they are). 

I do not need a sports car to be cool. 

My Swagger Wagon makes a statement...it tells the world I have kids-LOTS of KIDS (see the stick figure family on the back windshield-yeah they're ALL MINE). 

It lets everyone (behind me) know I love Kazakhstan and China and Cyclone's Hockey and Brown University and the University of Akron too.

Try to get your Porshe to do all that!

I'm glad Toyota is getting the message out that Swagger Wagons are cool.  In fact I was so inspired that today I ordered this final bit of flair for my own sweet ride...

And just for the record SWAGGER, SWGR WGN, SWAGWAG, and a bunch more were already taken so I am clearly not the only minivaner proud to be Swaggin my Wagon!

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