Macy's School Holiday Concert

 December 10, 2010

Not to get too EMO about the whole thing but can you believe that a little less than six months ago this darling little girl arrived from China not speaking a word of English and never having celebrated Christmas and now donned in gay attire she is GLEEFULLY singing Jingle Bells in the holiday pageant?  Macy was a star last night at her school concert and I was (as you already know) a very proud mama.  For the first time my child was NOT the kid who picked her nose, or ran off the stage or lifted her skirt over her head. Nope my little angel sang and danced and smiled and waved vigorously towards mommy and daddy. Fill me up with love. 

Thrilled to be center stage, Macy in her usual competent manner instructed us all to watch her and clap. Then she told Daddy to take the pictures and finally let Nina know she was NOT allowed to sing with her (ahhh sisters).  Her class is a diverse group and the program started with the children singing a "hello" song in the 8 different languages spoken in the classroom. It made me wonder if we were really in a sleepy Midwest town-8 languages?!  But then that's why I love this school.  After our welcome the kids sang a few more songs and then we all went back to the classroom for cookies and punch.  (BTW Dart was a parent helper who baked cookies that afternoon with the kids.  I've never seen him bake a cookie before but I have to admit they were pretty good:)...we may have to add that to his honey do list!)

Stay Tuned: Aidan's concert is Sunday and Nina's concert is next week.  My kids love to sing...I'm getting closer to that family band all the time!!!

Macy with her BFF Rhea.

Macy is still learning colors.  Tonight she said Nina was wearing the "Grinch" dress and she was wearng the "Santa" dress.  Which when you think about it really is much more colorful than green and red.

(Squeal) Just had to show the little bustle on the backs of the Grinch and Santa dresses.

Love the expression on her face.  This was taken just as she came on stage.  She was searching the crowd for us. Of course once she found us she relaxed into a huge smile and gave us a big ole wave hello.

She full of smiles now that she knows where mom and dad are.

Girlfriend Giggles!

Show time!

Waiting for their next act....

I think she knows her Daddy is taking pictures.

Nina was a proud sister...even if she was a little upset that she couldn't go on stage and sing with Macy.

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