In Honor of Princess Nina Beatrice...

 December 20, 2010

We started Nina's 4th birthday party with a trip to Bippity Boppity Boutique for a princess makeover.

Snow White is Nina's favorite...I thought she made a darling Snow White at this point but hair and makeup were still to come and oh boy was the hair something!

Macy opted for Sleeping Beauty....she and Nina both were nervous about the whole deal.

Here are my two Princesses mid makeover. At this point both girls wanted to leave.  Honestly it was a bit overwhelming for them...4 might have been to young but we pressed on.

Here is where it got 'ugly", this woman is showing Nina her options for hair and of course Nina chose the PINK hair. So much for the simple bun I asked them to do.

Finally after our makeover we met up with three other Kaz Princesses for lunch at the castle.  We almost go everyone in the picture.  Macy was again nervous about meeting Cinderella.

...but eventually she came around.

The kaz mamas wore their crowns for the occasion too.

Most darling princesses at court!

Macy and Sadie were so exited to have "their" princess stop by our table.

Here is a shot to show the moms in action...really I'm not sure who was more excited the moms or the kids.

It's her party and she can sleep if she wants to!

Later that night we went back to our hotel room to catch up with one another.  These women are not just the princesses moms they are some of my best friends and I was thrilled to get together with them.

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