Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

 December 19, 2010

We met up with a few of my absolute favorite people in Disney for the Mickey Christmas Party.  It was so much fun, mostly because of the awesome company we shared.  Since I could not recap the event any better than my perfect EMO friend Susan did, I'm just going to share the link to her awesome post on the evening.

Merriest Moms (and Dad) in the park! (Although I am pretty sure Susan was crying tears of joy by this point.)

A heroic act of bravery!

Yup, we got moves!

Sadie loves to dance and Nina had fun too as long as the horse kept it's distance.

Dance party Printy's....I think Nina is snapping her fingers, no idea what I'm doing???

Mom's of the year out with the kids until 2am...Kristan (blond), Susan and Lori (pineapples-brown on the outside, blond on the inside), we are perfectly matched in our "perfectness" (cough, cough)

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