Surgery Day

 November 10, 2010

Macy had surgery to revise her lip and nose.  The initial plan was to also repair a fistula in her palate and to put tubes in her ears but it turned out those two procedures were not needed.  Macy was not happy about going to the hospital in the morning but still rolled with the process pretty easily.  Her naturally pleasant and easy going personality was a huge blessing.

The surgery took longer than we expected.  We got to the hospital at 8am and she was in the OR by 10am.  Her surgery wasn't over until after 3pm.  Let me tell you that feels like a long time to wait...especially that last hour! Her surgeon was very pleased with the outcome as were we.  Macy will likely have additional surgeries but not until she is in her teens.
We expected to stay at the hospital at least overnight but since there was no palate repair and since Macy was doing so well we were able to take her home the same night. By 8pm she was even playing a bit.  She is on a liquid diet for at least the next week. She can only use a cup, no straws or spoons. So far this seems to be her only complaint.  My girl likes to eat.

Macy was all smiles (as usual) before her surgery.

Macy in the recovery room just after surgery.

We thought her lip and nose revision looked great.  We were expecting her to look a lot more beat up than this.  All things consider we thought she looked fantastic.

She was sleepy for a long while.  She had no problems with anesthesia but the morphine kept her pretty groggy.  It must have done the trick for pain because she never cried or complained after waking up...never.

This is how you are discharged at Children's Hospital-no wheel chairs here.  Before we got to the car the girl pulling the wagon gave Macy a big teddy bear and a blanket. She was too out of it then but was very happy to show Nina the next morning.

We could tell when the morphine was wearing off because our sweet happy Macy came back smiling just hours after surgery.

Macy played doctor with Nana who apparently also had a lip revision.  She told us her name was Dr LiPing and I was her nurse.

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