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 September 3, 2010

This morning Dart and I are headed to the Bahamas for a much needed weekend get away WITHOUT THE KIDS. This is the makeup vacation after our Branson Bust. If all goes as planned we should be comfortably lounging at the pool by noon.  I even booked the honeymoon villa at our adult only resort just to make the point: NO KIDS ALLOWED. We need a grown up break. It's just a weekend but ahhh what a weekend it will be. The mere thought of sleeping without someone kicking me in the head is pure bliss. My goodness we might even be able to sleep past dawn or (I'm all tingly now) take a nap! (Can you tell we are tired?)

Sure there will be the usual island fare; sugary white sand beaches, fruity drinks with paper umbrellas, steel drum bands and cabana massages but honestly it's the potential for three nights of interrupted sleep that I look forward to the most.
"The moment your Rolls Royce pulls up to the stunning Georgian facade of Sandals Royal Bahamian–once the domain of a former king of England–you realize that you've entered a realm of sophisticated splendor. This glamorous spot regales you with its sumptuous suites, its dazzling array of fine eating establishments, its exquisite tropical beauty and its breathtakingly gorgeous off-shore island, boasting two pristine, white-sand beaches, a serenely secluded spa and absolutely everything you could ever imagine in an exotic island hideaway."

(The ticker below is for my sister Lisa:) ....Yes I know there are hurricanes and tropical storms all over the Caribbean but don't worry it looks like they will miss us.  If not that's OK too, the sound of rain hitting the thatched roof of our KID-LESS villa can lull me to sleep!)

Click for Nassau, Bahamas Forecast

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