Summer Time Sisters

 June 27, 2010

Macy is doing great...Nina is great...the boys are great too...Dart and I are EXHAUSTED but great too!!!! We are through the jet lag so we don't have that to blame anymore.  It is just the new kid, no routine yet, need to find our new groove sort of tired. Plus we have been very busy. I feel like we are in non stop entertainment mode.  In the two weeks since we got back from China we have been on a weekend trip, played at the playground and the pool at least a half dozen time each, visited the zoo, taught the girls to ride their new bikes as well as taken family bike trips and hikes plus a trip to the International Adoption Clinic. Last night we even went to see the new Toy Story movie and Macy and Nina both watched it with glee (and Skittles)!

Macy is making lots of progress. She was a daddy's girl at first but now has decided I'm her new favorite.  I am getting lots of kisses and hugs. She is such an affectionate child, I just love it.  She continues to have a great disposition and generally is giggly and happy. Her English is coming along at lightening speed and she wants to translate everything.  We now watch "Hello Kai Lan" -no more ni hao for her.

Our biggest challenges are with food-basically she doesn't dig the American diet.  So far we have had luck with plain chicken wings,watermelon, hamburger buns, hard boiled eggs, grapes, bananas, noodle soup, ice cream and (go figure) frosted mini wheats.

Nina and Macy are still trying to figure out the whole sister thing.  Honestly they play well together most of the time and for three year olds share pretty well too but still there are times when they just want what they want, when they want it.  The new bikes actually were prompted by the fact that sharing the one tricycle we had was NOT working.  Hey I don't blame them.

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