Hey Dart and Lori You Just Adopted Your Second Daughter in 14 Months...Now What Are You Going to Do?

 June 12, 2010


I have to admit I got some grief for wanting to take Macy to Disney Hong Kong but I am so glad we went.  We are Disney people no doubt about it and our newest addition may as well get indoctrinated now. The truth is the minute we walked through the doors of the hotel I almost felt like I was home...or something pretty darned close to it.  It is amazing how well Disney translates.  Macy had a great time---she's gonna fit right in with our Disney silly family.  (BTW Hong Kong in June is like Florida in June only MORE humid!!)

We are heading home in the morning and should arrive in Cleveland around 5pm (est) Sunday afternoon.  I've been tearing up all day (all tears of joy and relief and anticipation of seeing my other kids) and I have lots of my typical Lori emo thoughts on this trip I want to share.  But for now I will leave you with the photos from our day at Disney Hong Kong because I need to sleep and pack (hopefully not in that order).

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