Chilling Out in Guiyang

 June 1, 2010

We spent the day yesterday visiting a local park in Guiyang.  It was a nice laid back day and we were very happy for the chance to just hang out as a family. At he park we got a lot of stares and strange looks.  Westerners don't visit this area much and I we stood out.  One woman was either so intrigued or suspicious of us she actually followed us around the park.  She was a foot away from us looking us up and down, looking at Macy, back to us.  At one point she pulled out her cell and called someone, the whole time watching us.  It was like she was making an official report! I know this is a Chinese way but I was uncomfortable and sort of funny at the same time.

Later in the afternoon we met with some of Macy's first foster family.  What a wonderful family.  We immediately felt like old friends and enjoyed an afternoon together and then dinner at a local restaurant.  It gave us such comfort to know these were the people who first cared for Macy.  I KNOW from meeting them that my daughter's first months, first needs were met with love. We LOVE this family!

 Macy was once again an absolute pleasure today.  I see moments of sadness creep across her face but very quickly her smile returns.  She is a resilient child with a pleasant natural disposition.  Even at bedtime tonight she did well, drifting quietly and quickly to sleep.  Dart and I didn't stay awake much longer than Macy.  We are sleeping better but still feel some residual effects of jet lag.  Right now it is 6am and I have been awake for a few hours.  Already this trip feels long.  It is hard to believe we still have 11 more days in China.  I am enjoying being in China but I am also anxious to get all the kids together, especially to see Nina and Macy play together.  The more we get to know Macy the more confident we are that the girls will be great sisters and forever friends. 

We go to a monkey park later today, should be fun!

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