Xingyi Travel Update

 May 24, 2010

Last week we learned that the 3-4 hour drive to Xingyi City was actually a 5-6 hour drive. We tried to turn the trip into an overnight but because Xingyi is more remote our guides felt there were no appropriate (translation...western) accommodations. So we were faced with our first full day with Macy including 10-12 hours in the car. Not cool, but after all this time I was resigned to just doing whatever we needed to get Macy home.

Dart (bless this man) is apparently not as worn out as I am. He kept searching for a more reasonable alternative. He did some research and found there were two flights a day between Guiyang and Xingyi. We can fly there in the morning, do whatever it is we need to do, squeeze in a little "hometown" sightseeing and fly back that evening. The flights are less than an hour each way. MUCH better!

With the addition of these flights the count is now 9 flights in 18 days! Crazier still with this trip we will have hit every time zone in 18 months!! And as if circumnavigating the globe is not quite enough...the first weekend after we get home all seven of us are flying to Wisconsin for Kazapalooza 2010. Our next trip isn't planned until Christmas when we all go to Disney in Orlando. Right now I'm thinking until then, if it ok with the rest of my family, I might just stay home and give my suitcase a well earned rest.

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