Twas the Night Before China...

 May 26, 2010

Tonight feels like the night before Christmas!

We leave at 5 am tomorrow before the kids wake so one by one we have been saying goodnight and goodbye to each child. (Can you say  BASKET CASE? I even got a big warn hug from Aidan!!) We are all so consumed by emotion... ok so maybe it's just me but trust me I am blubbering enough for all of us.   I just hugged my mother goodnight and she said "take care of my new baby" and the flood gates broke. "Take care of my babies", I choked back. Welcome to my own personal LifeTime movie.

I don't know why I am like this, (well I do but still), I know the kids will be just fine.  In addition to my mother both of Dart's parents will be with them.  They will be fine, I know they will be fine (repeat until comforted).  Still I am so very VERY EMO.  All day I have been either on the verge of or in the midst of tears; happy tears, sad tears, everything in between tears.  Give a girl a Gatorade already! 

I haven't slept much and I am sure that is adding to my misty mess.  Every time I try to sleep I dream about meeting Macy.  The closer I get to her the more excited and impatient I am to have her in my arms.  She has been a photo for so long, (7 long months),  and I just want to experience her with every other sense.  I want to smell her.  I want to nuzzle her neck and squeeze and kiss her cheeks.  I want to feel the weight of her in my arms and hear her voice.  Oh my gosh I just want to eat her up!!  (Nice first impression I would make with that tact..."help my new mommy is trying to eat me!" I have got to get it together.

As of now I'm not sure if I will sleep or stay up all night.  It is already 11:30 and I need to be up by 3:30 or 4.  I'm going to head up and run a final check on the suitcases. I have been packed for days but now suddenly I am sure I've packed only left shoes and no underwear or something brilliant like that.  Fear not though we will be on that plane in the morning, even if I have to hop on my left foot to get there!

Stay tuned faithful supporters, friends and family in just a matter of hours (OMG HOURS) we will be on our way.  Hopefully my next post will be from Beijing where I will be adequately re-hydrated and ready to FINALLY hold my daughter.

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