Mail From China and This Time it's NOT World of War Craft

 May 14, 2010

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I went to Crazy Town about a package from China?  Well the reason I thought the package might be adoption related was because in our last care package I included a self addressed stamped envelope and sent a letter asking that Macy draw a picture for me.  Today we received that very envelope back along with a letter, the photos you see here and a colored drawing of a flower from my sweet baby girl!  The letter is written in Chinese of course (we assume penned by her foster mother) and at this moment we have no idea what it says. Thankfully Dart has a friend at Kent State University who is from China.  He will see her tonight and hopefully have the letter translated by this evening. I am overwhelmed with emotion, praise God she is so beautiful and the flower...I can't even write anymore.

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