How the Fortune Cookie Crumbles

 May 18, 2010 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more 

Just when we thought we had it all planned so perfectly we have hit another delay. What else is new right? This is just how the Printy fortune cookie crumbles! We just learned that less than 24 hours after taking custody of Macy the three of us must now travel from Guiyang to Xingyi City....a 372 miles round trip drive by car though rural China! Xingyi City is where Macy's orphanage is located and although she has never spent even a night there we must go there in person to do some sort of official paperwork.

We actually like the idea of exploring this area as it is also where Macy was born/found, so in that regard an important place. BUT 8 hours of driving in one day with a three year old you just met? This is not the gentle start I imagined. We have asked our agency to look into making the trip an overnighter so it won't be quite so hard on Macy but we haven't heard yet if it is possible. Now for the bad news...

All of the "extra" paperwork in Xingyi City is going to set us back a couple of days on our passport and visa approvals. Our consulate appointment and oath taking ceremony have been pushed back too and we now cannot leave Guangzhou until June 12th. That means our plans to spend three nights in Hong Kong just got scrubbed. Boooo. Dart and I being Disney die hards are still thinking we will spend half a day at the park but right now it's day to day. In the end as long as I have Miss Macy Bel with me I don't really care how the trip goes. I remember from Kazakhstan there was this point when all I could think was, dear God just get me home with my daughter. I am there...just slightly ahead of schedule.


I heard back from our office in China and they don’t advise you spend the night in Xingyi because there is no good hotel there and there would be no guide available. It is highly recommended that you not stay there for a long amount of time. I’m guessing that means it’s not good conditions.

Oh joy, eight hours in the car!

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