Care Package

 December 15, 2009

This is the letter sent to Macy along with her care package...

Dear Fu Li Ping’s Foster Family,

We are eagerly looking forward to adopting Fu Li Ping. Thank you for all the love and care you have given her. We are deeply grateful for the way you have helped her to grow during her time with you. We can see by her photo with her foster mother that she is well loved. We want you to know that our hearts too are filled with love for her.

We hope you and Fu Li Ping enjoy these pictures of our family. Please share them with her whenever possible. It will help her to get familiar with our faces before meeting us. The pictures are of me and my husband and Fu Li Ping’s soon to be three brothers who are aged 18, 14 and 10 and her sister who is also 3. We and the children are ready to welcome Fu Li Ping into our large and loving family. We know the transition will be difficult for everyone and we deeply appreciate your help to make this less painful for Fu Li Ping.
We have enclosed a disposable camera. Could you please take some pictures of Fu Li Ping and your family and anything that you think might be important to her or us? We will develop the pictures when we are there and send you copies, if you would like. We want Fu Li Ping to remember you well and with your permission to one day to visit you again. We have great respect for China, its people and your family in particular and we hope to share that admiration with Fu Li Ping as she grows.

We are also enclosing some gifts and clothes for her. Please feel free to give the clothes to other children if the size is not right. We have also included some gifts for your family as a small token of our gratitude.

We are very excited about meeting Fu Li Ping and your family. Thank you again for the care and love you have given Fu Li Ping. We are eternally grateful to you and your family.

Dear Foster Mother would you please read this to Ping and assure her that she will be safe and happy with us…

Dearest daughter, Daddy and Mommy will come to China soon to meet you. We know you will miss your foster mother because she is a good mother. We will be your forever parents and we will take very good care of you. You will be very safe and happy with us. You will have 3 brothers and 1 sister to play with. You will live in a big house near a lake. You will have lots of toys and we will play at the park. When you get home we will take you to Disney World to see Mickey Mouse. It will be so much fun!

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