The Beach House Awaits!

 August 7, 2008

Tommorrow we leave for the beach. Two glorious weeks of sand, sun and surf. That and a whole lot of nothing!!!! Pathetic? Maybe, but I know it's what our family needs right now. We have been so ridiculously busy this summer. Kiefer with EMT school has worked so hard and had no real break from school. Aidan also took several summer classes and for the past two weeks he has been at Heidlebrg College attending an academic/gifted camp, (BTW I miss him like crazy!). My little Nolan has attended one camp after another including; manners camp, VBS, reading camp, hockey camp, and now football practice every night for 2 hours. Since I'm working, Dart is the one playing taxicab driver, homework checker and peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker to the whole crew. We are tired and a couple of weeks at the beach just hanging out together will be a great way to end the summer.
On the adoption front:
We need to extend our USCIS approval so we are applying for the free extension of our I171-H. To do so we are going to have to update our home study again, (this is number 3 for those of you counting). I am sending the requests for the child abuse clearings before we leave tomorrow since last time this was what took the longest. At least this way something will get done while we are at the beach. The rest should be pretty straight forward and with any luck should be the last time we have to update documents for our Kaz adoption. We are close and therefore undaunted. We will prevail. And this summer vacation, I will consciously enjoy as the last (for a while) where I can lay on the beach, read a book or even nap at leisure. Next summer I will be back in my "hyper-vigilant-mom-of-a -toddler-near-water" mode - and how bizarre that it sounds so good to me :)!

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