Cleveland Rocks....

 July 23, 2008

What a fortuitous few days. I'm not sure how we are suddenly finding one another (I think it was a post in a Kaz adoption group) but I have made contact with three other Kaz PAP's in the greater Cleveland area. I am the furthest away in Stow which is about 40 minutes south of Cleveland but they three are very close; Lakewood, Parma and Garfield Heights. I bet they are not more than 15-20 minutes apart.

I am hoping we will get to know each other before we travel. Fun now and later for our kids to play together. It seems we will likely go to Kaz within a few months of each other which is really cool. I think we are furthest along in the process but that doesn't mean much in Kaz.

If anyone is adopting in KAZ and lives in the greater Cleveland area please leave a comment. Hopefully we will find a way to all get together.

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