Two Daughters

 June 9, 2008

I've had a couple of people ask if we are still planning to adopt from China so I think I need to clarify. Yes, absolutely, probably. We originally planned to adopt one child from China. At the time we were told that the timeline would be about 18 months start to finish. Which would have brought us to right about now. But soon after we submitted our paperwork to our agency we got a very different projection. We were told it would be more like 2.5 or 3 years. Given the timeline we started talking about age differences and after some more discussion decided it would be good if our daughter had a sibling closer to her age. Next we searched for a IA program that was relatively quick, had baby girls and was another asian country. This led us to Kaz. We were told that the timeline for adoption in Kaz was only about 12-18 months. This meant we could complete our Kaz adoption and have at least a year with her home before we travelled to China. Well as it turns out China is much slower than ever imagined. It is possible it could be more than 4 years before we have a referral, (which makes me even more glad we opted for Kaz when we did). But it does make things interesting. We may well be over 45 before we have a Chinese referral which means we would no longer be able to adopt the youngest of babies. This is not a huge concern. I am much wore concerned with how we will feel (in terms of energy) by that time. Also we did not imagine 4 years between sisters. So for now we are keeping all options open. We are planning for two girls but understand it may not come to be. We just have to trust that everything will happen the way it is supposed to.

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