we go again

 March 2, 2008


The next step for us is the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, DC. Unfortunately there was a change in staff a couple of weeks ago and they have stopped processing all dossiers until the new staff has had time to complete training. Apparently there is another Kaz Embassy in NYC but our agency has been assigned DC and that is that, we wait. We have no word as to how long this delay will take or what sort of backlog the interruption will cause. I am without energy to even complain. It just seems to be par for the course for us. Our coordinator Alla claims that there are no other delays expected and that once we get past the Embassy we will be back on track but who knows. I am hearing all kinds of scuttle about long delays to adopt baby girls ( a result of lots of people like us jumping from the China program). Still we believe that our daughter will come, and just as with each pregnancy, she will come in her own time.

Optimistically this weekend we moved Nolan into Aidan's room, hereafter called the "dorm room". Dart has been working all weekend to install a closet system and build a monstrous loft for the boys. They now have both beds in the air and a sectional sofa underneath. To soften the blow of no longer having their own rooms we have allowed them to bring a TV, XBox, computer and stereo up to the "dorm room". We did say no when they asked for a refrigerator.

Aidan is fine with all the changes but he is always happy whenever there is someone to talk to, even if it is his 8 year brother. Nolan on the other hand is really sentimental about his "nursery". Last night he made a point to tell us he was "just trying" the dorm room. No commitments here-he's keeping all options open. Later this morning we compromised. He said I could have his room for the babies as long as he could sleep there once in a while. I told him it was probably going to be pink and girly but he didn't seem to mind as long as he could visit. I hate to think what would happen if we actually had to move!

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