Another half step forward for Kaz and China too

 March 3, 2008

First Kaz...Maeven from Adoption Ark emailed me to let me know that she received our translated dossier back and that she is sending it to the Kazakhstan Embassy in DC today. While this is progress I know our dossier will simply be placed in a growing pile of untouched, unprocessed dossiers (the result of the staff change/retraining that has been going on for several weeks now). I am starting to get good at this waiting in queue thing!

Now China...Great Wall China announced today that "the stork has landed". This happens about every month; another group of GW families receive their long awaited referral. But this month, finally there were referrals for families with 2006 log in dates! The referrals went thru January 4, 2006, (September 13, 2007 here we come!!!). One interesting thing though was the age of these babies. All 20 of the babies were between 6.5 and 8.5 months old. That is really young. We pretty much thought we would be referred a toddler 12-18 months. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

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