No Mail on MLK Day

 January 21, 2008

We are waiting for a couple of items we need to finish our dossier. We need Dart's central registry clearance so we can send it to our social worker. Once she has that then she can finalize our home study update. The other thing we are waiting for is our FBI fingerprint card and clearance. I was hoping they would both be here today and I rushed home to get the mail BUT it is MLK day and no mail, (Hmmpf, I didn't get the day off). These are the last couple items we need so we are starting to get anxious.

So no adoption action today but we did have a ton of fun being proud parents today....Nolan played in his first Mite hockey tournament this weekend and what a great weekend it was!! Nolan scored his first career goal and was named best defensive player on his team for 2 of the 4 games. His team finished 2nd giving Nolan his very first hockey trophy.

Cute kid quote: "Mom you can bring my trophy to your office to show your friends, but make sure you bring it home tonight so I can polish it"...Nolan (age 8)

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