Reality Check

 November 15, 2007

Now that I have us up to date on the events of our China adoption let me tell you what has happened over the last 6 weeks...

We were riding a high when we finally got our LID for China. Dart and I celebrated with a long weekend in Orlando. We stayed at the Ritz, played a lot of golf and made many toasts to our success. We spent a day at Disney and of course made certain to visit "China" while at Epcot. We bought 3 stuffed animals (rats for the Year of the Rat) for our soon to be daughter.

Then we came home and the reality of the wait began to hit us.

The year of the Rat is 2008 we thought this would be our daughter's birth year. But with a more than 3 year wait our daughter was more likely to be born in 2010. Suddenly a stuffed Rat just seems weird, (no offense Mickey).

Not one to sit still, I started looking at our options. 3 years is a long time. We could do a lot in 3 years. Hey we could adopt another baby in 3 years. Couldn't we??

The answer was yes we could pursue a concurrent adoption in another country WITHOUT affecting our Chinese adoption proceedings. As long as our 1st adopted child was in our home for at least a year before we adopted our second child (from China) we would be OK. Our GWCA case worker told us that we could even file for a 6 months deferral if we needed the extra time.

So now that we knew we could, the question was how or perhaps more accurately, where?

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