LID 9/13/2007

 September 13, 2007

Our China Adoption milestones thus far....

9/7/2007....DTC (that's Dossier to China for the rest of you).

We sent our complete pack of notarized paperwork; medical reports, financial information, personal references, letter of intent, passports, license, birth certificates, marriage license, power of attorney, family photographs, tax returns, fire inspections, FBI & BCI finger prints,insurance certificates, letters of employment and the infamous I-171H to GWCA .

It is not easy to let this paper go. For the past 9 months I have carried this link to my daughter around in a box that I lovingly refer to as "Charlotte in a box". She weighs more than 4 pounds and has been my near constant companion for as long as any pregnancy I 've known.

Once received GWC then had each document certified by the county, an apostle by the secretary of state and authentication by the US and Chinese consulates. When paperwork was completely in order GWCA sent out file to Beijing, and there you have it DTC!

9/13/2007 LID (log in date) & Lady Bug Letter!

The entire paper chase has been leading up to this very important date. As of 9/13/2007 we are officially in queue for a referral. Yes that's right almost 11 months after we started this ordeal we are officially at the end of the line!

Our agency tries to add a bit of celebration to the event by sending us a "Ladybug Letter". It is sent by email a two line letter with a picture a ladybug. Cute, sweet, I will put it in our daughter memory book. Personally I think a large trophy and a national holiday would be more befitting this moment!

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