The First Home Study Visit

 November 27, 2006

Through most of 2007 we worked to complete a home study and a dossier to send to China. This was called "The Paper Chase". Of course having no clue what was required to actually complete an adoption dossier we woefully under estimated how much work was invloved and how long it would take...


The first thing we had to do was hire a social worker to draft our home study. This is the primary document that basically certifies us as "fit parents". Ironic considering that at this point we have been parenting (apparently without a license) for almost 16 years!

Part of the home study process is a series of home visits. I regard them as home invasions and I am certain that one rogue dust bunny under the bed will torpedo everything. Dart ever supportive of my Type-A-hysteria teases that they will either approve us to adopt or take the other 3 kids away. Nice.

By the time the door bell rings I am exhausted, partly from cleaning but mostly from the stress caused by a deep seeded fear the we weren't good enough to be parents. The house does not seem clean enough to me-Dart thinks we could let a baby lick the floor. I shove a basket of unfolded socks into the closet. I hope there isn't a closet inspection. Too late now, i paste on my best happy-to-be-a-Mom-please-give-me-another-baby-smile and open the door.

Our social workers name is Brenda. She seems ok. She is not wearing a white glove or carrying a CSI black light.

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