Kaz Photo Log: Playground Dedication Day

 May 9, 2013

We were treated to a morning long celebration for the new playground.  It started with a performance put on by the 4 year olds.  They sang and danced and we clapped and cried.  it is so clear that much time is enjoyed in the music room. We happily delivered the keyboard donated by Two Heart fro Hope and felt certain it would be put to good use!


After the performance we all headed outside for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  It was attended by the baby house staff, local officials and covered by a TV crew from Astana.  The baby house director present a plaque of appreciation to the Board of Two Hearts which I accepted on their behalf. I made a short speech and did an interview with the TV reporter.  I know what I said but have no idea what my interpreter said :)...

The best part was at the end when the same 4 year olds who had just performed for us stormed their new playground.  trust me on this, they knew exactly what to do.  Their smiles and giggles were the best thank you possible!




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