God and Jesus and Monkey Bars

 August 1, 2012

Tonight was Dart's parent's 48th wedding anniversary.

forty. eight. years.

We took them to dinner to celebrate and grandma shared this darling story about the girls.

It went something like this.

Nina, Macy and Grandma in the front yard of Grandma's house...

Nina: I wish we had monkey bars in your yard grandma.

Grandma (going for the stall tactic):  Yes that would be nice but I don't know how to build them and I'm not sure if grandpa can do it.

Nina (full of hope): We could ask God and Jesus to do it.

Macy (chiming in)Yes we could pray for monkey bars.

Grandma (once again going for the stall): Well yes,  I suppose we could be in prayer for it.

Macy (not wasting any time): I will do it!

I imagine Grandma smiles at her eagerness. They all bow their heads and pray right there in the front yard.

Macy (taking charge of the situation): Dear Jesus, can we please have some monkey bars in Grandma's front yard?

a dramatic moment of silence and then...

Macy: Grandma.......He said yes.

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa.... #48 the monkey bar anniversary! 

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