Third World to Disney World

 August 23, 2012

It is beyond surreal that less than 24 hours after leaving a medical brigade and a nutrition center that fed 112 hungry children in poverty stricken El Salvador...

 I was with my own children at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel enjoying an all you can eat buffet complete with Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Sometimes it is hard to reconcile the disparate experiences life has presented me. I'm not really even sure it is possible.

I do however have a profound appreciatition for my good fortune.

I got lucky.

I didn't earn it or deserve it more.

I just got lucky.

I'm not fabulously wealthy or famous or beautiful or talented and I certainly have my fair share of "1st world problems" but my life is cushy compared to so many others.

My life IS Disney World compared to people living in the developing world.

I'm not feeling guilty or looking for someone to give me permission to enjoy my blessings.

I'm just...


Prince Charming...
Beautiful Baby...


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