I'm With The Band

 July 29, 2012

 Middle child is REALLY into his band.

Dead End Job (that's what they call themselves...no further comment)  plays an incredibly LOUD brand of punk rock music.  Aidan plays bass guitar and screams sings.

They play mostly in grungy college bars (which frankly scares the hell out of me because they are still just high school kids).

Sitting last Friday night in a hole in the wall bar that smelled like a sweaty combination of  urine, stale beer, cigarettes and just a hint of vomit, I wondered what exactly my role as the punk rocker band mom is supposed to be??

I mean I've been a hockey mom for 17 years.   I get that.  Drive the kid to practice, make snacks, pass out juice boxes, wear big photo button pinned to a jersey with kid's number, cheer every time your kid's skates hit the ice, take tons of pics and post them on facebook (ahem),  pizza party at the end of the year.

But what's a mom's role in this situation? Swap out the juice box for a beer, cake on some black eyeliner and start moshing??

Yeah, ummm, probably not gonna happen.

But like being a sports mom or fill-in-the-blank-with-your-kid's-passion mom my role is the same... to support, encourage and cheer my kid on...and post pictures on Facebook.

And that's just what this proud (and now slightly hearing impaired) mama did... (along with making sure my kid didn't either drink a beer or get hit over the head with one).

**I am thinking about getting some t shirts and buttons made...proud parent flair...some habits die hard.

Ok, I just did.

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