Car Talk

 July 31, 2011

The Scene:   The Sequoia, Nolan crammed beside Nina and Macy in car seats, Dart and I are riding up front and "Mulan" is playing on the truck's movie screen.

The Prevailing Attitude:  The girls are tired and cranky.  Nolan is 11.

Nolan:  Macy, Mulan is from China just like you.

Macy: I am not Mulan.  I am Pocahontas.

Nolan:  No you are Chinese so you have to be Mulan.

Macy: No I'm not.  Mommy did braids in my hair.  I have Pocahontas hair.

Nolan: No you have Mulan hair because you are Chinese.

Macy:  No I don't!  I am Pocahontas!  I am going to marry John Smith!

Nina:  I have magic hair.  It's turning Tangled.

Nolan:  Your hair is turning blond because you are in the sun.

Nina:  Mooooom-meeeee, Nolan says my hair is not yellow!!!

Me:  Nolan leave them alone!  Nina you have magic yellow hair.  It is beautiful.  Macy you can marry John Smith.

Dart: No she can't.

Nolan: (snicker)

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