Journey to Shepherd's Field (part two)

 August 15, 2011

So let’s see, where did I leave off?
Oh yes The Butterfly’s orphanage director had just given me approval for her to go to Shepherd’s Field when I hadn’t even asked anyone there if they could take her.
Now in my own defense I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance in Guangzhou of getting this little scheme of mine approved. The way I figured it I didn't want to bother SF until/unless I had something to bother them about.
Clearly though it was time to bother them.
On July 5th I sent emails to several people at SF hoping they would remember me.  I ended the email saying, “I know this must sound crazy but I hope you will understand that I'm simply a mother trying to do the best I can for my child.” The truth is I did feel a little crazy.  The whole idea was pretty impossible but then again so was pretty much everything leading up to this point. Why stop now?
I pushed the send button and an hour later I heard back.  The ball was in motion and the powers that be at SF were considering my request.
Side note: a couple days later I got a late night phone call from China. Could this be someone from Shepherds Field?   I was stunned when the person on the other end of the phone introduced herself as Ann from Red Thread.  She was moved by my letter she had translated and delivered for me and wanted to know if I had any update for the director.  I told her I was waiting on a reply from SF and she promised to share this and offered to help with any translation I needed.  Did I mention I was stunned?
It seemed like an eternity but really it was only a little more than a week.  On July 14th exactly on month after my visit to Shepherd’s Field, I got an email letting me know that The Butterfly would be allowed to move to there!
Once again if any of you are calculating dates The Butterfly didn’t actually arrive at SF until August 10th.  I know that may seem like a long delay but in China time this is pretty much lightning speed. 
I knew The Butterfly would be arriving last Wednesday around 6am my time so of course (you would expect nothing less) I was frantically stalking looking for updates on my email and the SF Facebook page by 5:30am.  I guess she was a little late because it was nearly 8am before I got the word that she safely in SF’s care.
I'm not ashamed to admit this mama let out one HUGE long sigh and about a gallon of tears at that moment.
The Butterfly hasn’t even been there a week and already the debt I feel to the wonderful people at SF and to her Director who clearly loves and only wants the best for The Butterfly is great. 
I told you this was a long story. Kudos for making it (almost) to the end! If I had a loyal blog reader award you would get one!!
 I’ve shared all the gory details mostly because I’ve been asked about it privately enough times that I figured it would be easier to just write it here.  But the truth is the details are just details; the simple things that we can measure and understand.  In my heart I am convicted by the belief that this entire series of events going all the way back to the moment I prayed my husband would open his heart to another child, was simply God’s plan all along
Some will see that as a rationalization, a series of coincidences or perhaps even they will believe it was MY work that got Mia to SF.  I say look again.  You have witnessed a miracle: the sort of everyday miracles that are happening all around us if only we are willing to really see them.

Now for the hard reality. 
The Butterfly is only the second child to come to Shepherd’s Field this year.  It is not because they don’t have the heart, desire, or space for more children.  They simply do not have the funds.  It costs approximately $525 per month to care for a child at SF.  Additional costs are often required when children need surgeries and other medical treatment beyond the scope of what they can provide on site.  We have provided for 100% of The Butterfly’s sponsorship.  Otherwise it simply would not be possible for her to be there.
We are blessed to be able to do this.  But the need is so much greater than what we can do alone.  Shepherd’s Field needs sponsors to help bring more children, like The Butterfly, to Shepherd’s Field.  A place where they too can receive the treatment and care they so desperately deserve.

Just this weekend this was posted on the Shepherd’s Field webpage
“We are asking for your prayers and support for Macy (heart defect), Isabella (RV Fistula repair), Jacob-Jai (clubbed foot surgery for his left foot), and Shanna's (Colostomy revision) surgeries. We need to raise $29,680.00 for all four of their surgeries. Pray for their complete recoveries as well as for God's provision for each of them.”
There are six children in The Butterfly’s house who still need sponsors and more children in other houses.  

Each child needs 15 sponsors at $35 per month to cover the cost of their care.  
All funds go to the daily care of the children. This includes food, clothing, basic medical needs, and housing expenses.  Sponsorship also covers salaries for the 120 paid Chinese staff for the care of the children and operation of the children's villages. This includes nannies, maintenance men, drivers, cooks, gate guards, accountants, orphanage liaisons, and a nurse. (All of our foreign staff raises their own support.)

I know not everyone is called to adopt but perhaps there is a way for you to make a difference in a orphan’s life. 
If you can sponsor a child or make a one-time donation please visit Shepherds Field to see pictures and learn more about the children (now my daughter's new playmates) who still need your help.

Now I know the economy really stinks right now and some of you are raising money for your own adoptions.  I get it.  Sponsorship is not an option for everyone (right now) so if you can't sponsor then please share the word and send this post to your friends and family to see if they can help.

And consider a one time donation.  Even a small one helps.

And everyone, please, pray.  Prayer is strong.

If you do become a sponsor or are able to make a donation please leave a comment and let me know so I can give you a big ole blog hug and shout out!

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