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 August 31, 2011


June still waits.

I received an email from a family that recently met June while adopting there young daughter.  They sent new photos along with a beautiful note describing this very special little girl. I must share...

We met June recently when we visited her orphanage with our newly adopted, almost 4-year-old daughter. As we met with the caring, compassionate, devoted orphanage staff, we could see that there were several people that our daughter had exceptional affection towards and
quickly it was evident to us as to why she felt that way. Back in the spring of 2011, an American nurse had visited our now adopted daughter while at the orphanage. Unfortunately, she found that our daughter was ill and was hooked up to
an IV. It was great to see that the orphanage was capable and willing to care for her right there in an environment in which she was familiar. One thing that struck the nurse was that June was right by our daughter’s side, giving her comfort and looking after her while she was so scared. Appropriately, a nanny was also caring for her; but June was there to provide a little extra moral support.   At one point, June even helped our daughter (who needed some assistance) with going to the bathroom. While June could have been off playing with the other children, she was instead looking after a little friend and helping to ease her fears. 

When we recently visited the orphanage, I immediately saw those same character traits in June. Our daughter was excited to visit the orphanage with her new parents. June fully understood that our daughter had a new family and to my surprise, June behaved in a manner that indicated that she was truly happy for her little friend. As I watched her carefully, I could see that she looked on at our family with a longing and a hope that one day, she too, would have a family to call her own. At no point though did she exhibit jealously, bitterness, or anger- just a sweet, sincere, excitement for our daughter. At no point did she push herself on us or strive to inappropriately gain attention from us. Instead, she encouraged our daughter to not be afraid when it was time to leave and to embrace her family fully.

June is said to have left limb palsy due to meningitis when she was younger. We are seasoned adoptive parents who have adopted several kiddos with limb differences – so we were watching her with experienced eyes. While it is clear that June is affected on the left side, we do not think that her special need will impede her in reaching her fullest potential. She is a beautiful, petite, bright girl who seems mature despite her life circumstances. She is playful and helpful with smaller children; yet does not appear to be immature in her abilities. She relates well to children and to adults. Even though she was interacting with our daughter and a younger baby (who were both very responsive to her) she still seemed to understand that the nannies were in charge and she appears to have good boundaries. She was respectful to orphanage staff and was watchful of her role. She was able to carry a small toddler and walked steadily. The only time her special need stuck out was when she could not lift a pitcher full of tea with her left arm. However, she can hold items in that hand and can clearly lift things with both hands/arms working together. 
While eating a meal with her, we were most impressed with her manners, her ability to sit during the course of a meal and follow conversation without dominating the conversation. She was helpful with the little ones; yet respected when adults were stepping in. She was polite, obedient, and friendly. June is a mature young girl who will soon age out of the system and will lose her opportunity to belong in a family. She deserves to know the love of a mother and father. She clearly desires to be adopted and would likely transition well into a family system. This young girl will soon turn 14 and will lose her opportunity if someone does not step out in faith and welcome her as their own. 

 June- a girl with great potential, a girl who is caring and kind, a girl who needs a family, a girl whose time is running out… 



(3/2010, Clubbed feet (Unilateral) and Deformity of fingers, special focus)

(10/2010, maldevelopment of both hands, special focus)

(4/2004 mild cerebral palsy/video available, Special Focus: Singles allowed)


If you would like to learn how you can adopt one of these beautiful children email me for agency information today.

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